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Honest design
Long lasting materials
Eye pleasing objects

Much of my attention is focused on how things are put together and how these meet their context. Something happens in the concrete meeting between two materials. 

A void that previously had no meaning now takes on the greatest importance for the decoding of the design and its being in the world. 

The foot that stands, the hand that grasps and the body that rests. 

The clash or respect in this meeting is interesting and whether these meetings can be combined according to form and material. 

By focusing on these meetings, it is possible to evoke the individual parts of the design, so that these appear in their entirety and with a clarity about their inherent qualities. 

This approach also contributes to the design appearing logical, as it is clearly understood how form and material are put together. That this is clear to the viewer is achieved by the design being honest about its creation and presence. 

Constructively, in several cases this can mean that already in the process it has been thought out how the individual parts can be assembled and taken apart, and how the product can be rebuilt, repaired or reused in the long term.

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